Today's Post

Yesterday, I was thinking that I could start picking a post I liked every day and call it the Today's Post. And then I remembered that I already have a mountain of lead to paint, many projects, a blog, and so on.

So here it is : The First Today's Post is there :

It's a Challenge to the miniature game bloggers to publish something on their blog the 31 of october, related to Halloween. You can publish WIPs before this date, but the final item will have to be published the 31st of October. Use this logo and drop a post to tell everyone you're in.

Of course, there s absolutelly nothing to win !

NB : Today's Post wont happen everyday.

PS : pending blogs added !

2 commentaires:

  1. Salut Greg,
    Je m'étonne de ne pas avoir apparaître la notification de mon dernier post. Est-ce dû au fait que je n'ai rien posté depuis plusieurs mois ??

    Je te rappelle l'adresse de mon blog :

    Bien à toi,


  2. visible en ce qui me concerne. Vide ton cache )


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