"If there is a draw, I’ll make the final choice." : I was very confident when I wrote this. Not like if 5 very good english blogs would end with the same number of votes ! I'm afraid I'm not strong enough to choose by myself. So here we are : 5 more days to vote for the best english language blog (until the 5th of february) amongst those (alpha order) :

As we are voting, there s a choice to be done on the other language blog between :

Vous avez jusqu'au 5 février pour départager les blogs anglais et "autres". Je sais, normalement, c'était mon taf, mais je suis bien incapable de départager les 5 blogs anglais pré-sélectionnés !

edit : Paul Bod asked to be removed.

50 commentaires:

  1. Tiny solitary soldiers
    Yori's Blog

  2. Saxon Doggie (makes me dreadfully jealous, though), and Yori


  3. That is a really hard choice but I have to go with my original vote - The Man Cave

  4. De mon côté ça sera :

    * Saxon Dog

    * Yori's blog

  5. The first is really a difficult choice. My vote is for Paul's bods (I have used a lot of his tips)

    The second one is much, much easier: Yori's blog (that was my original choice).

  6. je reste sur mes choix, meme si c'est dur:



  7. Not sure if I can vote for myself (Man Cave) but I can cast my +1 for Yori

  8. Je resterai sur mes choix avec :

    El Senyor Verd et Paul Bods.